Various church members and professional musicians from Knoxville play in worship from time to time.

The Adult Choir sings with instrumental accompaniment quite often.

Congregational Hymns

The biggest choir in our congregation is the congregation itself.  We here at First Presbyterian are a singing people.  Each week we lift our voices in songs of praise.

Summer Choir

The Summer Choir-this group of interested singers meet each Sunday in June and July at 10:00 AM and sing two anthems for our 11:00 AM worship service.  This choir does not vest and is a wonderful way to participate vocally without the usual Wednesday rehearsal.

Children’s Music

The Children’s Choir-is divided into two groups our Younger and Older Elementary.  These groups meets at 6:30 and 7:00 respectively each Wednesday night during our Worshipful Wednesdays.  In addition to learning notes and rhythms the choirs play musical games, rhythm and Orff instruments as well as handchimes.  These groups sing periodically throughout the year.



The Adult Handbell Choir-rings at our 11:00 AM worship service at least once a month.  Located in our sanctuary balcony, the choir rehearses and rings in the same location. This group rehearses after our 11:00 AM worship service each Sunday.   





Sanctuary Organ









Chapel Organ-Taylor & Boody

Opus 52, 2004

Great Echo Pedal Couplers
8′ Open Diapason 8′ Stopt Diapason 16′ Subbass GT/PD
8′ Stopt Diapason 4′ Recorder EC/PD
4′ Principal
2 2/3′ Twelfth (c’)
2′ Fifteenth
1 3/5′ Tierce (c’)
Mechanical key and stop action
Compass: Manuals, C,D-g”’; Pedal, C,D-f’
Kellner temperament
Lowest note for treble stops adjustable: c’ or cs’
Metal pipes of hammered lead-tin alloys
Case and pipe shades of solid walnut in
classical English style
8′ Stopt Diapason common to both manual

Adult Choir

Adult Choir



The Adult Choir-leads in worship at our 11:00 AM worship service August through late May.  This group of fine musicians, consisting of volunteers as well as professionals, enjoys singing a wide range of traditional music.  Several times a year this group is augmented by professional string and brass players. Highlights of the year include the annual Advent Lessons and Carols in early December as well as Christmas Lessons and Carols at our 11:00 PM Christmas Eve Service.  Special Lenten works as well as a sung Tenebrae Service round out the year. This group rehearses each Wednesday from 7:30 PM-9:00 PM and Sunday from 10:00 AM- 11:00 PM.