Jimmy Jones (2016)- Moderator
Terri Ramsay (2017) – Vice Moderator
Secretary TBA

Class of 2016

Bruce Anderson

Holli Eckert

Holly Eddins

Jimmy Jones, Moderator

Thad Morrish

Carolyn Noey, Chair of Congregational Care Committee

Sam Pittenger, Chair of Fellowship Committee

Scott Reichen

Class of 2017

Jason Bryan, Chair of Hospitality and Safety Committee

Rob Chadwell

Susan Garlington, Chair of New Member Recruitment and Assimilation Committee

Barbara Hillard

Rebecca Neely

Terri Ramsay, Vice Moderator

Class of 2018

Sarah Cassell

Rita Dennis

Heidi Efurd

Marie Fox

Melanie Payne

Tedd Pennoyer

Vanessa Smith

Wendy Williams

Claudia Bible (Youth Deacon)