Charles Garten, Jr.  (2016) – Clerk of Session

Class of 2016

Sherri Allison

Carolyn Dougall, Chair of Worship Committee

Charles Garten, Jr., Clerk of Session

Jamie Keith, Chair of Stewardship Committee

Dennis Ragsdale, Chair of Finance Committee

Class of 2017

Jennifer Manrod, , Chair of Global Missions Committee

Colleen Riordan, Chair of Christian Education Committee

Bennie Salem, Chair of Kitchen and Receptions Committee

Preston Smith

John Whaley

Craig Wrisberg, Chair of Local Mission Committee

Class of 2018

Gary Anderson, Chair of the Facilities Committee

Pat Armstrong, Treasurer

Sarah Dugger

Sharon Patton

Susan Seagraves, Chair of the Communications Committee

Pam Teague

Austin Maryanski (Youth Elder)