Ginny Morrow – Clerk of Session

Pat Armstrong – Treasurer

Class of 2020

Jimmy Jones

Wayne Kramer

Britton Leitch – Chair of the Stewardship Committee

Joanna Pennoyer – Vice Chair of Global Missions Committee

Kallee Pittenger  –  Chair of the Nominating Committee

Sue Wrisberg – Chair of the Worship Committee

Class of 2021

Bruce Anderson – Chair of Local Missions Committee

Sherry Corden – Chair of Christian Education Committee

Susan Fox – Chair of the Personnel and Administration Committee

Jane Luhn

Daniel Smith – Chair of Facilities Committee

Class of 2022

Bill Butler – Chair of Kitchen and Receptions Committee

Pat Chambers

Greg Efurd – Chair of Communications Committee

Joan Holladay

Jennifer Maryanski

Ginny Morrow

Grayson Maryanski (Youth Elder)