The session is responsible for the mission and the government of the particular church. It therefore has the responsibility and power

  • to provide opportunities for evangelism to be learned and practiced in and by the church
  • to receive members into the church upon profession of faith in Jesus Christ, reaffirmation of faith, or upon satisfactory certification of transfer of church membership
  • to lead the congregation in participation in the mission of the whole Church in the world
  • to provide for the worship of the people of God, including preaching of the Word, the sharing of the sacraments, and for the music program, in keeping with the principles in the Directory for Worship
  • to provide for the growth of its members and for their equipment for ministry through personal and pastoral care, educational programs, sharing in fellowship and mutual support, and opportunities for witness and service in the world
  • to develop and supervise the church school and the educational program of the church
  • to lead the congregation in ministries of personal and social healing and reconciliation
  • to challenge the people of God with the privilege of responsible Christian stewardship
  • to establish an annual budget
  • to lead the congregation continually to discover what God is doing in the world and to plan for change, renewal, and reformation under the Word of God
  • to instruct, examine, ordain, and install new officers
  • to delegate and supervise the work fo the board of deacons, board of trustees, and all other boards and task forces within the congregation
  • to provide for the administration of the program of the church
  • to provide for the management of the property of the church
  • to maintain regular and continuing relationship to the higher governing bodies
  • to establish and maintain ecumenical relationships
  • to serve in judicial matters in accordance with the Rules of Discipline
  • to keep an accurate role of the membership of the church