There are three ways to become a member at First Church:Night Photo

  • By profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (and readiness to be baptized if you have not been already)
  • By reaffirmation of faith (for those who are not currently an active church member, but have been in the past)
  • By transfer of church membership from another church

Before joining First Church, potential members are encouraged (but not required) to attend our Membership Exploration Class which introduces the history and organization of our church and helps potential members understand what our church is all about. The class is offered as a series over three consecutive Sundays.

Participate in the Membership Exploration Class

Commitment to Church Life

We believe every Christian has a responsibility before God to use our time, talent and resources, not only in the church, but in common life in the service of God. We are ambassadors who carry a message wherever we go and servants of God in whatever we are doing with our lives in the world.

Organization of First Presbyterian

First Church, like all Presbyterian churches, is a representative democracy. The word ‘Presbyterian’ actually comes from the Greek word ‘presbuteros’ which means ‘elder.’ We are governed by elders who are democratically chosen from and by the entire congregation. Governance and authority over church matters resides with these elected elders.

Elders make up the church’s governing body which is called the Session. Our Session oversees many of the daily tasks of the church, seeking to understand what God is calling our church to do in the world and then taking action to carry that out.

The Deacons, another ordained, biblically based position, serve in many aspects of daily church life.