Exploration Class

PLEASE NOTE:  During the Covid pandemic we will not be offering our New Member Class.  We would like to encourage you to call our Associate Pastor, Rev. Loftis.

This three-week class is frequently scheduled for persons interested in church membership or in learning more about First Presbyterian. (Participation in this class, while encouraged, is not a requirement for church membership.) Led by the church staff and members of the congregation, this course allows individuals to ask questions about what it means to be Presbyterian; what it means to be a part of the Reformed church; learn about the mission opportunities in the church; and whether or not they feel called by God to join this community of faith.

Requirements of Members

All that is required of a church member is:

  • Confess the Christian faith
  • Trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior
  • Promise to follow Christ and Christ’s example for living
  • Commit oneself to attend church and to become involved in its work

In addition, there is the promise to live a Christian life and to seek and accept God’s forgiveness when we fail. Members have a commitment to grow in the knowledge of and commitment to this faith.

Membership is an adventure with God to live a different kind of life.

Contact: Associate Pastor, Rev. Meredith Loftis at 865-546-2531 or email:  meredith@fpcknox.org