The Carrick class is one of the more diverse church school classes as First Presbyterian. We have a wide variety of age groups and backgrounds.  For this reason, we study a wide range of materials that include some intense bible study, theological book reviews and topical studies such as church history, cultural issues and scriptural context.  We also are fortunate to occasionally bring in outside speakers from the Univ. of Tennessee, other congregations and the Presbytery at large. We would love to have any visitors that are new to First Presbyterian Church or maybe have been lifelong members that have never “plugged in” to a church school class.


We will finish our study of Paul’s pastoral letters this month by discovering Titus
and the isle of Crete. A usual Paul has quite a bit to say to them in these short 3
chapters. Please join us as we discuss also what it means for us today.

May 13 Introduction and Chapter 1 led by Debbie Christiansen
May 20 Chapter 2 about Christian Character led by Dave Dennis
May 27 Chapter 3 about God’s generosity and the dangers of division led by Dave Dennis



During the summer, the Carrick Class will join the other adult classes in the James Park room for a study led by Rev. Brungar and Rev. Loftis about Jesus as perceived by another culture.



We are located in Heritage Room A  around the  corner on the sanctuary level .


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