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The class often concentrates on Bible study but occasionally studies the works of inspirational writers such as C.S.Lewis, focusing on what the text holds for us today as a congregation seeking to be faithful to Christ as well as what is relevant to its members and to neighbors outside its walls. About twenty women and men sit around a rectangular table arrangement, enjoying coffee and lively discourse facilitated by a rotating team of teachers including  Phyllis Driver, Lanny Payne,  John Whaley, Mary Stuart Neely and Craig Wrisberg. The teaching style tends to be teacher led with frequent interruption for lively discussion as opposed to lecture. Bibles are available for those who forget theirs but many class member bring their study Bibles to supplement the discussion. Class members enjoy occasional social gatherings and support several service projects.


The Discipleship Class meets in Courtyard Classroom A at 9:45 a.m.
Beginning on February 4th, we will start a study on 1st and 2nd Timothy.
If you are new to the church or are considering a new class, you will find our class inviting and

For additional information, contact Judy Cagle at barlach4227@yahoo.com