Foundation Builders

The Foundation Builders Class is composed of adults ranging in age from their 20’s to their 50’s (and some beyond). The name Foundation Builders was selected for this class to emphasize that we want to build a faith foundation based on study and sharing with each other. We welcome one and all. The fellowship and support we gain from being with each other on Sunday mornings has translated into many strong friendships among the class members when times of need or times of happiness arise. Please join us in the Foundation Builders class any Sunday morning to become a part of a growing, learning group.

Great Figures of the New Testament
The Foundation Builders Class will be learning more about great figures from the earliest days of the church (from shepherds and kings to a prodigal son and a good Samaritan). We will have a DVD lecture series about these inspiring people from early Christianity taught by Dr. Amy-Jill Levine of Vanderbilt University. Our class has used DVD lectures with Dr. Levine in years past. She is a widely sought-after speaker who has a deep knowledge of the Bible. The lectures are followed by discussions led by Stacy Davis and David Skipper. You are welcome to join us in Heritage Classroom B any Sunday.

The Foundation Builders class meets in Heritage Classroom B, Floor 3. Everyone is welcome!

Contact Bill and Ginny Morrow if you have any questions.