James Park

James ParkThis class, comprised of primarily senior adults, gathers each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the James Park Room, located on the second floor. Anyone is welcome to attend. The men, James Parkers, and women, the Rosas, enjoy singing of favorite hymns and a systematic Bible study lecture. This class is named after Dr. James Park, the pastor of First Church after the Civil War, who led the church through the time of reconstruction. Many of the members of the James Park Class are veterans of World War II and are featured in Julie Wiest’s book, We Were There.

Beginning on June 5th, for the summer, the James Park Class will join in a study on Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, An Altar in the World.  Each Sunday will focus on Scripture and particular faith practices-very physical orientations to vision, to living in our “skins,” to the experience of pain, etc. The class will meet in the James Park Classroom and be led by Pastors William Pender and Meredith Loftis.

The James Park Classroom is located on the second floor.

The Class is using The Present Word and Bible Expositor and Illuminator as their current study curriculum.

Click on The Present Word, the Presbyterian Church quarterly, to learn more about the lessons taught in this class.