Rosa Scott

The Rosa Scott Class has combined with the James Park Class and meets in the James Park Classroom.

“Back in 1911, an attractive, vivacious, and deeply consecrated woman transferred her membership to First Presbyterian Church.  Her indomitable spirit still lives on and serves in many ways through present-day leaders and teachers both in her class and throughout the church.”

Miss Rosa Scott organized the Mission Study Class in 1912 and the Business Women’s Class in 1915, which became the Rosa Scott Sunday School Class in 1921.  She helped organize the interdenominational Bible class for Knoxville Business women, and was honored in that same year by the Southern Presbyterian Church.  It was Rosa Scott who researched and implemented the organization, Women of the Church (now known as Presbyterian Women).  She was also influential in ministries of the Presbyterian Church in the Appalachian Mountains.

Outside of the church, she presided as president of the Knoxville Branch of the National League of American Pen Women.  As an author, her articles were published in church papers and popular magazines, and at her death she had completed a manuscript to an historical novel.

Miss Rosa Scott’s memory is honored and cherished by the members of her class who continue to study God’s word and seek to do God’s will in the world.  Miss Scott’s work in the church provides for us today a wonderful example of Christian virtue and dedication to the life of Christ’s church.