Worship Opportunities for Children

Worship Opportunities:

Nursery: The nursery is staffed by many wonderful childcare workers as well as many church members who volunteer several times a quarter. This area is available for the convenience and comfort of all children, parents, and church attendees for children ages 3 years and younger during both Worship services.

Special Time with the Children: This is a special time during the 11am Worship Service set aside for all children, and young at heart. The children are invited to come sit at the front while a special message related to worship, the Bible, etc. is given directly to them. This is normally lead by Brianna Cook, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, but may be led by the Pastors or other church members.

Children’s Church: During the 11am Worship Service, all children ages 3 years through 1stgrade are invited to go downstairs with several adults/teachers and on most Sundays, Brianna Cook, to have their own worship, learning time, fellowship, and other activities geared towards this age.

Carrying the Communion Elements: On Communion Sundays, several members of the oldest Children’s Sunday School class carry the Communion Elements into Worship.

YouTube Lessons: Miss Rachel, Miss Jane, and Miss Sharon have recorded lessons for their Sunday School classes to watch at home whenever you want! Visit our church’s YouTube page here to stream your child’s Sunday School lesson for the week. Videos are made public on a weekly basis every Thursday at 3 PM. This allows parents and children to enjoy videos through the following week!