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In early 2016, under the direction of our new Music Director, Mark Pace, this section will be updated.

At First Church music is an integral part of the worship life of our congregation. As the “work of the people,” each week we take an active role in the liturgy through the singing of hymns and canticles of the church.

The musical offerings of the choirs and instrumental ensembles seek to glorify God through prayer, praise, and proclamation. These offerings follow the story of the gospel and the life of the church through the rhythm of the liturgical seasons. Ranging from praise to lament, the anthems and wordless prayers of worship engage the whole self in expressing our deepest response to God.

As part of the church’s story, our worship and music continually shape us, framing our beliefs and forming us in being the church as a faith community. Within this community of faith, we employ our gifts of music for the glory of God, as we seek to faithfully serve in the work and ministry of Christ’s church.