Sanctuary Organ









Chapel Organ-Taylor & Boody

Opus 52, 2004

Great Echo Pedal Couplers
8′ Open Diapason 8′ Stopt Diapason 16′ Subbass GT/PD
8′ Stopt Diapason 4′ Recorder EC/PD
4′ Principal
2 2/3′ Twelfth (c’)
2′ Fifteenth
1 3/5′ Tierce (c’)
Mechanical key and stop action
Compass: Manuals, C,D-g”’; Pedal, C,D-f’
Kellner temperament
Lowest note for treble stops adjustable: c’ or cs’
Metal pipes of hammered lead-tin alloys
Case and pipe shades of solid walnut in
classical English style
8′ Stopt Diapason common to both manual