Early Worship Service

Font&TableAt our Early Worship Service: Font & Table service you’re invited to come, worship, hear the Word proclaimed, be nourished at the table, experience the life-giving waters of the font, and be sent to serve God and your neighbors. During construction, our Early Worship Service will be held in the sanctuary.

While the service form for our 8:45  Early Worship and 11:00am Sanctuary Worship services are similar, the  service is distinctive in the following ways:

    1. The Early Worship Service Bulletin will be created for a season: Advent, Christmas/Epiphany, Ordinary Time, Lent, or a theme.
    2. The significance of both font and table are emphasized with most of the service being led from these stations. The sacraments of baptism and Communion, together with the Word of the Gospel, are central to our faith. In the church’s practices at font and table, the gospel’s invitation to know and follow Christ is extended to those “inside and outside” the church. All are welcomed at the font and table, where as a community, we learn the practices of discipleship and are continually nurtured and strengthened for living the Christian life.
    3. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated each Sunday. The invitation to be fed at the table is Christ’s invitation to all.
    4. The giving of alms, as our offering, is the “last act” of our worship service. Symbolically, this represents our call to go into the world, serving Christ and our neighbors; to attend to the poor and feed the hungry. The practice of alms giving is not new to the Presbyterian faith, as this was one of the required elements in the Reformed worship practices of John Calvin.
    5. The service is sensory and participatory and our children and youth will frequently lead portions of the liturgy. Experiencing God through worship which is visual, aural, and tactile engages us to worship with all of our senses. Frequent responses, in both spoken and musical prayer provide opportunity for participatory worship. The musical portions of the service will frequently be led by choirs of all ages and various instrumental ensembles, and will include hymns, the contemplative chants of Taize and Iona, and world music.
    6. The use of sidebars with explanatory notes are printed in the service order. Whether you are new to the church, a young child, or a 50-year worshiper of the church, the sidebars provide an opportunity to deepen your understanding and experience of the various elements of worship.