Directions and Parking

Click here for driving directions from various places around Knoxville to the church.

November 29, 2015 – Parking update:

All parking levels at the church have wheelchair access to an elevator.  All parking levels are open, but due to the construction going on at our church, access to them has become a bit more challenging.  “The Tunnel” that connects the Church Ave. entrance to the Office Level parking deck is closed, and there are some one-way streets surrounding the church.  Read the instructions and examine the map below carefully before coming to the church for the first time.

Click here for detailed street and parking map


Office LevelThis floor offers limited parking, but has several spaces reserved for visitors.  Enter this parking level from Clinch Avenue.  As you enter the building, you will find the pastoral and business offices and the session room on your right, and the elevator directly in front of you.

P2- On this level, you will find an outdoor parking deck. This level can be accessed either from Church Avenue or Clinch Avenue.  When entering via Clinch Avenue, take a sharp left down the short ramp to this parking level.  When entering via Church Avenue, take an immediate right down the hill (go slow and be careful: this is a short one-lane driveway with two-way traffic!).

P1- This level is a covered parking area. It must be accessed by Central Street.

Additional Free Parking on Sundays Near the Church:
There is  free parking on Sunday mornings in the Central Parking lot on Church Avenue, the State Street Garage, and at any parking meter on any public street.   

Inclement weather and parking notice:
 At times, due to snow, the church is open, but the P2 parking deck is closed.  Both driveways to this parking deck are steep, and this level stays snowy even when all surrounding roads are clear.  The covered P1 parking area, or the covered State Street Garage are the preferred parking areas in such cases.  Please check the main webpage at for information about closed parking areas and/or cancelled services.  A banner notice with a red background will be posted there in such cases.