The Rev. Dr. William Pender


 Dr. William Clark Pender is a PC(USA) Presbyterian Minister of Word and Sacrament with more than 27 years in the ministry. He and his wife, Sheri, have a son and two daughters. Dr. Pender earned a Ph.D. from Duke University Religion Department with a major in New Testament and minors in Old Testament and Speech Communications. While at Duke, he was a Graduate Teaching Assistant in New Testament courses and homiletics. He also taught the New Testament introductory course in the university undergraduate program. He earned a M.Div. from Columbia Theological Seminary and a B.A. degree in economics from Dartmouth College.

Some Thoughts on Ministry…

“Mutuality is a key aspect of the practice of ministry. I have high expectations of my own practices… I would be delighted to be in the company of God’s saints who have high expectations of themselves as well as their pastor, tempered with grace. Leadership is first a matter of calling. Our calling to follow Jesus shapes our leadership. We can do no better than follow his servant leadership “style”—a style that was in him, through and through.

Some particular aspects of my pastoral leadership:
• Faith-grounded—we worship the sovereign
God…nothing I do or fail to do will finally defeat or
stymie God.
• Love-centered—we follow Jesus who came not to be
served but to serve…it is not about my achievement
or accomplishments.
• “Corporate”-connections—we work through, for,
and within the company of God’s people…it is not
about “me.”
• Collegial work—we work together…not doing it all
by myself.

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