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Update as of March 7, 2014

The members of the church’s building design team are pleased to provide an update on the plans for the renovation of our church.

What Has Taken Place So Far:

Since December 2012, the design team has been working with architects from Johnson Architecture, Inc.  During this time we have tried diligently to define issues and opportunities that will improve the access to and flow through our church, as well as create many multi-use spaces throughout the buildings to serve our many and varied ministries.  This resulted in the development of a master plan – which is just a plan.  No design details have yet been finalized.

We appreciate the time that you have taken to attend the functions which were scheduled concerning the proposed master plan:  the church-wide meeting on the ideas suggested for improving our church, the Wednesday night program where the master plan was shown in Fellowship Hall, and the small group meetings where you were able to see the master plan in more detail and in a more informal setting.  Many of you also have taken time to review the information on the church website.  We have received many comments and questions from members of the congregation and we will be involving as many of you as possible in this process.

Where We Are Now:

We have moved from the “master planning phase” to the “schematic design phase.”  The architects and members of the design team are meeting with various groups who are interested in specific areas of the plan in order to get ideas for the design.  We have met with members who have interests in the columbarium and the children’s area, and we are scheduling meetings to discuss the youth area and the library/fellowship hall.  The input from these meetings will be used by the architects as they design these spaces.  We will be sharing with you specific designs as they are developed.

Where We Will Be Going:

For the next several months we will be working with the architects as they develop more specific drawings and details.   This entire process is lengthy and includes many opportunities to review the ideas and plans.  Construction documents will be developed after that, probably late this summer/early fall.

What You Can Do:

Many of you have pledged your support to the Heritage, Heart and Hope Campaign which will enable us to receive four-to-one matching dollars from the McMurry Memorial Fund for the implementation of this project.  We need everyone’s pledge of support to make this happen.  Please prayerfully consider making a pledge that is payable over 3 years to this campaign.  Pledge cards are available throughout the church and online pledges can be made at

Information about the renovation project and the capital campaign is abundant on the church’s website

Opportunities to attend a small group meeting are still available each Sunday during March following the 11 o’clock worship service.  The specific location for the meetings will be announced each week.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please feel free to contact any member of the design team.


Ginny Morrow, Chair              525-6481 or 567-4075             
Emily Campen                        689-1125 or 368-6794              
Kenny Christiansen                690-8468 or 525-0238            
Peggy Hagler                         546-0063                                   
Travis Maryanski                    208-0947                                   
Bill Myers                                584-7429                                   
Tedd Pennoyer                      742-3317                                     
William Pender                       546-2561 or 803-372-1197        
Anne Pittenger                       522-9074 or 603-1774              
Mary Spengler                        522-9845                                  

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of this project.