Join a Circle
Faith is nurtured and growth takes place.Typically, Presbyterian Women in the Congregation are organized into small groups, called circles. A circle is where:

  • Women are challenged to stretch beyond their limits.
  • Women move beyond the safe places of life, reaching out to others.
  • Christian leadership is born, nurtured and sent forth into ministry.

Circle Moderators/Bible Moderators

  • Julia White Circle – Nancy Kelly White (moderator).  Anne Pittenger & Doy Barron (Bible).
  • Circle 2 – Judy Cagle  (moderator).  Mary Stuart Neely & Jane Armstrong (Bible).
  • Effie Rule Circle – Celeste Whaley ( moderator).  Sharon Patton & Ann Myers (Bible).
  • Lydia Circle – Susan Garlington  (moderator).  Shared (Bible).
  • Esther Circle – Liz Key & Jennifer Maryanski (moderators). Shared (Bible).
  • Miriam Circle – Vanessa Smith (moderator). Brianna Cook (Bible)